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Well here it goes, my first official post. I thought that I would start with something that most people seem to be striving for, looking and feeling better. Now I haven’t always been the healthiest when it comes to eating. Snacking is my kryptonite. I can throw down some string cheese and Hot Cheetos like it’s nobody’s business. As I sit here bragging about my hidden talents I realize how far I’ve come in the last 60 days. I decided that the first step I needed to take on this journey was to better my health. So my goal was to give up red meat and dairy, as well as to workout consistently. Does it sound easy to you? I thought it did until about a week in.
I didn’t seem to have any problems cutting red meat out of my diet. Every once in a while my friends would grab burgers and I would feel the temptation but it wasn’t very hard to tell myself no. Giving up dairy on the other hand was one of the most challenging tasks of this reboot. After the first few days I had cheese goggles on. Everywhere I looked there was cheesy delicacy just staring back at me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t give into temptation every once and a while. (I mean I’m only human.) For the most part I was able to stay on course and it really paid off. Bloating has always been a problem for me. Once I limited my intake it almost immediately disappeared. I couldn’t believe it!
Before I started this reboot I tried to work out at least 4-5 days a week. Keyword…tried. I’m the type of person who gives into that little voice in the back of my mind that says “stay home, Netflix needs you.” Pushing yourself to go to the gym everyday builds so much discipline on it’s own. I found that once I got into the routine of it I’d instantly feel bad if I missed a day so the next day I would go twice. Even though I really enjoyed working out I could feel myself getting a little bored. I started switching up the gyms I went to, adding more HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) work outs to my routine, running outside, and other things just to switch it up.
Overall just having the mindset that I had two months to really push myself served as a huge motivator. I always go through phases where I decide today’s the day I’m going to push myself. Then I would stay committed for about a week and then fall off. This challenge really helped me to stay on the right path. Following this I plan on continuing my current gym routine and even though I wasn’t able to completely cut out dairy I did cut out a lot of it. So next time around I’ll already have a new goal to beat.

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    1. One day you will be able to have some cheese and comfort snacks then not mind if you go 2 months without it. That’s how I have come to be and especially with red meat (meat in general). It becomes less enticing once you cut it from your diet on a regular basis. That’s what I have come to experience and now, I have so much variety in my meals and my work outs that I feel fulfilled when I do have those things like burgers and cheese or (my favorite) string cheese 😁❣️ Keep it up Kendra! You’re killing it if you’re only on 60 days 🙏.

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