Life Lessons From a Stranger

Life Lessons From a Stranger

Remember when you were younger, and your parents constantly reminded you not to talk to strangers. Obviously, that was for your safety but as you get older that rule starts to sort of fade away. I mean if we didn’t talk to people we don’t know we’d never make new friends, make work connections, or maybe even fall in love. Our society is built on being social and learning new things through others. Recently I’ve found this to be truer than ever.

I’m currently working a 9-5 office job. That basically means for 40 hours a week I’m surrounded by the same group of people. In a sense, it’s like having a second home. (Haha, it’s weird to even write that.) But what I mean is I spend so much time with this group of people that I’ve learned their mannerisms. A lot of our interactions are very routine. It’s made me realize how little I socialize with people outside of my job and my immediate friends during the week. Even though this has been a constant in my life, I’m only just now aware of it. My self-awareness isn’t always on point. I believe that this is a big part of the reason why on my days off I love to go out.

On Friday and Saturday nights you can catch me out and about with a group of friends. As we dance our lives away, cheers to the positivity in our lives, and just enjoy each other’s company there is always a time that I start to drift into a deep passionate conversation with a stranger. All my friends can attest to this. Honestly to me, its mind blowing how much someone is willing to share if you just listen. I’ve heard so many different stories from more people than I can count. From someone who was trying to chase their passion of performing stand up to a man who unexpectedly had a child and doesn’t feel that he loves his new daughter. All these people searching for someone to just listen. A fresh outlook from someone new. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself by opening to others or even just listening to what’s going on in someone else’s life. As I take in each story I can only tell them what I believe to be true in the situation or what I would do.

There is one thing that both sides of these conversations have in common. Perspective.

You should take every moment, interaction, etc. as a chance to learn something about yourself and the world around you. With each of these conversations I’m able to take away a new point of view of on a life decision that I may or may not ever experience. There are so many different situations in life that we’re all unaware of. By just stepping outside of your usual social circle and taking the time to listen to what someone else has to say you could potentially have one of the most stimulating conversations that you weren’t even expecting to have.

So, if you take away anything from this post go into every conversation open-minded and ready to truly listen to what someone has to say. You never know what you’ll take from it or what type of impact you can have on someone.

Sending positive vibes your way.


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