Little Acts of Self-Care: It’s okay to be a NARSissist

Little Acts of Self-Care: It’s okay to be a NARSissist

Alright guys, if you know me you know I’m a very low maintenance type of gal. I love to just get up and go. (I guess you can say I’m a little impatient as well.) One of my intentions for this month is to step out of my comfort zone with my self-care practice. We all have the routine go-tos that make us feel amazing and grounded. Even though it’s perfectly acceptable to keep these in rotation, it’s also important to branch out. I was talking to a close friend about some of her practices and she told me that putting on her makeup has to be one of her favorites. There’s something extremely therapeutic about the process of applying her make up from the brush strokes to picking out the shades of eyeliner. Once you finish your spirits are as bright as your highlight.

So, I decided to cross the line of comfort to enter a world unknown.  I attended an event hosted by NARS to showcase their new spring line. Let me tell you it was a huge learning experience. As soon as I walked in I was given a makeover by one of the very talented cosmetologists they had on staff. She started by showing me each of the new products she was going to use. By far my favorites were the NARSissit shadow palette (Wanted) & the vibrant red power matte lip (Starwoman). Since I have fairly clear skin it’s not necessary for me to use foundation and concealer. But I must say NARS’ products go on smoothly and with the consistency, it looks as though you don’t have any makeup on at all.

As I walked around and mingled with some of the other ladies at the event. I quickly learned that applying makeup is a preferred self-care act for most women. I met so many people who were very passionate about the products and makeup tutorial that was given. Even though I don’t think I will be adding full face makeup application to my daily routine, I did learn about some amazing products and tips to spice up the looks I usually go for. I hope this inspires you to push yourself to try new things. You never know what you’ll truly like unless you get out there and try it. What type of self-care practices would you like to incorporate into your routine?

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