Morning Practice- The Beneficial Way To Start Your Day

It’s 7:00am and your alarm goes off, what’s your first instinct? Hit the snooze button to get that extra eight minutes of zzzz? Scrolling through your insta? Or maybe it’s just to lay there for a little before getting ready. Whatever it is, the way you start your day can be the most beneficial for your daily wellbeing. Each day you wake up you have a clean slate. What you do when you first wake up sets the tone for your entire day. By developing some type of routine your daily mindset will change for the better.
Take it from me. Morning person is not something I usually say when I’m describing myself. After listening to a couple of podcasts and reading a few blog posts on morning practices/routines I knew that it was something I needed to try out. Now I can’t imagine my life without my routine. It’s not about waking up two hours earlier and going to the gym or running errands. It’s about taking the time to make sure your mind and body are aligned for the day. You want to make sure you’re ready to take on the day and everything it has to throw at you.

My Morning Practice:
-5 minutes of intentions for the day and repeating my daily mantra.
*I take this time to lay in bed after my alarm goes off to collect my thoughts. I like to make a list of any intentions I have for the day. (What I wish to accomplish) I also like to repeat my mantra or daily affirmation. It could be any saying that uplifts you. Some days I use an app I found called Affirmations. (Ex. Today’s Affirmation: I accept myself unconditionally.)
-3 minutes of meditation.
*Daily meditation is something that I’ve grown to love. Doing it in the morning allows me to center myself and clear my mind of anything I may be worrying about in the day to come. Meditating is not something that comes easily for most people. *cough cough* me. I highly recommend the Headspace app for all beginners.
-5 minutes of yoga.
*Now that my mind is nourished, it’s time to wake my body up. I am very new to yoga but already obsessed with it. There are so many benefits to yoga. It’s something that’s great for the mind, body, and soul. I chose to incorporate this in my morning routine to help wake up my muscles. You always stretch before working out. Why not stretch before starting your day?

As you can see you don’t need to do much for your morning routine, especially if you’re just starting to develop one. Start small and work your way up.

Other Options:
-Go for a walk
-Write morning pages (3-5 pages of anything that comes to mind!)
-Read a few pages of a book or even an entire chapter.
-Subscribe to morning newsletter.
*My favorite – Waking Up With Ryan

Sending positive vibes your way.

4 thoughts on “Morning Practice- The Beneficial Way To Start Your Day

  1. So true and so easily thrown off by the nightly ritual, which would he a good post for you to write as a follow up to this. To me, the night ritual is even more sacred because if you don’t prep the night before and get enough sleep, I know for me anyway, it always crosses over to the next morning and I’m running late so I can’t do my morning ritual or it has to be condensed and I can only do 1 thing like an affirmation and so on. The morning is made successful from the night ritual πŸ‘Œ also! You should check out Silent Savasana if you’ve not yet. There’s one coming up this Thursday at Red Rock Casino. It’s always a great session and is even challenging.

    1. That’s a good point. I’m still tweaking a nightly routine that works for me. In the beginning, it was pretty difficult to get my morning routine to mesh with the craziness of having to get ready etc. But I was able to figure out something that works. I actually really want to try that out, I just saw this comment a little late. Let me know when the next one is!

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