Motivation Lost & Found

We’re rapidly approaching our halfway point for this year. This is the time of year that most find really trying. Your new year motivation high is starting to wear off and it’s getting a lot harder to keep up with your new routine. I can tell you that I let February get the best of me. I went on vacation, got sick, had car problems, the list goes on. I let all of these things interfere with my progress. Even though it started feeling disheartening I decided to take a breath and reevaluate. It’s so easy to lose focus but extremely hard to pick up where you left off. Don’t let it discourage you. Even though you lost your train of thought it doesn’t mean your goal is impossible to reach. So if you find yourself in rut and unfocused, let this post be a sign to push through it. Trust the process. Run that mile. Save your money. Find yourself.

Here are a few tips to help get you back in the game when you’re down and out.

  • Sit down and write a list of things you need to do to get back into your routine.
    • Sometimes all you need is to see it on paper.
  • Find an outlet that motivates you.
    • Everyone is different. Test out different outlets that help motivate you. When my mind is cloudy I love to listen to podcasts during my workouts. There’s just something about Tony Robbins yelling at me during a set of squats that motivates me.
  • Eliminate your distractions.
    • It’s easy to get caught up in everything around you. Figure out what is distracting you and take it out of the equation. I took a social media hiatus for a month to clear my head and realign my focus.
  • Switch up your working environment.
    • You may need a change of scenery. If you usually work from home change it up and head to a nearby cafe or library.

  • Take a break.
    • It’s okay to step away. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes we try to ignore it. Take a step back, breathe in, and collect your thoughts.
  • Meditate.
    • So if you’ve read my posts you know that I’m a big advocate for meditation. There are so many benefits to daily meditation. One major one is practicing the ability to shut out everything around you. With so many things going on throughout the day it’s amazing what even just a few minutes of silence can do for you.

Remember just because you’re having a hard day don’t let it derail your progress. You can do it. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. This is your time.

Sending positive vibes your way.


3 thoughts on “Motivation Lost & Found

  1. Such great tips. I’m still trying to convince myself to do a social media detox, it seems really beneficial! Also I am going to make more of an effort to change my scenery while working on blog related things.

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