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It’s Time to Reflect- 2018

At the moment I am laying in bed listening to CTRL by SZA and I couldn’t help but reflect on this past year. As every year truly is, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. I have made mistakes, lost friends, dealt with extremely low points, but also, I have found love of all kinds, worked hard, opened up doors for myself, and so much more.  When a new year starts we all write out a list of […]

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Little Acts of Self Care: Shopping on a Budget

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard the phrase “New Year, New Me.” There are so many meanings we could pull from this phrase but I’d like to focus on one in particular. It may be time to update your wardrobe, but if you’re like me another resolution may be to save more this year. The big question is how do you balance both? Well, I linked up with Tyler of Thrifts & Tangles to get some tips on […]

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New Year. New Intentions.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s take a quick second to look back on last year. I don’t  know about you but 2017 was a year of major growth for me. I started the year with a list of resolutions that I hoped to accomplish by December but three months in my mindset completely changed. I realized that all of the things that I originally wanted to accomplish no longer held my interest because in that time frame I decided that wasn’t […]

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