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Trusting Your Intuition

Why is it that when we go to make a decision we contemplate what the people around us would think about that? Instead of just going with our gut feeling or doing what feels natural to us we think about how everyone around us will perceive said action. I remember growing up I was always told to live life for me. To love myself for who I am because there’s only one me. Even though I had these nuggets of […]

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Motivation Lost & Found

We’re rapidly approaching our halfway point for this year. This is the time of year that most find really trying. Your new year motivation high is starting to wear off and it’s getting a lot harder to keep up with your new routine. I can tell you that I let February get the best of me. I went on vacation, got sick, had car problems, the list goes on. I let all of these things interfere with my progress. Even […]

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The Liberating Babes of Burnt Boutique

Burnt Boutique is unlike any store you’ve seen. It’s a vintage renovated trailer located in the yard of a dive bar in downtown Las Vegas. This store is centered around bringing the community together and supporting local art. Burnt was founded by two far out, twenty something babes, Nicole and Reina. It all started as an online store ran by Nicole(BurntNic). Until one day, Nic and Reina joined forces to create Burnt Boutique. How was the transition from BurntNic into […]

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