Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition

Why is it that when we go to make a decision we contemplate what the people around us would think about that? Instead of just going with our gut feeling or doing what feels natural to us we think about how everyone around us will perceive said action. I remember growing up I was always told to live life for me. To love myself for who I am because there’s only one me. Even though I had these nuggets of wisdom in the back of my head society conditioned me differently. I ended up spending more time thinking about what someone else would do in a situation than doing what I actually wanted. I was so interested in taking the path of the person who was seemingly cooler/happier that I decided to be more accepted was equivalent to living happy life.

Do you ever think about what you would do differently if you were a teenager again? I’ve thought about it on multiple occasions. Each time I state that I would not be so fixated on what other people think of me. It was always such a waste of time and caused so much unnecessary stress. Even though I can still point out multiple occasions where someone else’s perception stopped me from doing something but even with realizing this I truly don’t believe I would actually go back and change anything. The fact that I can identify what effected me the most growing up is huge. It’s now a reminder of where I was and how far I’ve come. Self-reflection is gold. To take the time to think about your mindset, emotions, and actions at any time in your life will always be beneficial. It shows you that you’ve lived through harder times, had moments when you were happier than ever, or proves that you’ve grown.

I wish I could say one day I just stopped living for others and focused on just myself. I can’t. After years of trial and error I figured out that no matter what I did the one constant was my fear of being judged. For what reason? I don’t know. When I finally decided to say FUCK IT and do what I wanted it was like a weight was lifted. I became someone I didn’t recognize, the person I was supposed to be. I started trusting my intuition and I cannot say this enough IT’S WORTH IT!

Now read this next part carefully.

There is no formula in life to direct you to all of the right choices. You are always going to make mistakes. The question is would you rather make them on your own or because of someone else? In this day and age it’s extremely easy to look at what someone else is doing and decide that that’s what you want to do as well. Their path will not work for you. One more time for the people who missed it. Their path is not yours! You must do everything because you truly believe it’s what you want to do. Stop looking at your neighbor, lusting after what they have, or contemplating how the world will view you if you continue. What do you want? Ultimately you want to live a life that’s fulfilling, one where you’re happy, and everything comes together. Now take the time to decide what exactly that means to you. What drives you? What is the first step in the right direction? Quiet the noise and listen to yourself. You deserve to live life on your own terms….always.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

Steve Jobs

Sending Positive Vibes Your Way.


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